Waterproofing MASTERSEAL 420

Цена: 43 520 ₽/шт. 44 800 ₽/шт.
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Минимальный заказ: 100 шт.
Описание товара: MASTERSEAL 420. A latex emulsion on a bituminous and rubber basis. Flexible, waterproof and vapor-tight, liquid diaphragm.

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Краткие сведения
Рабочий диапазон, °С -30C - +100C

Подробное описание товара


  • On internal and external, vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • On inclined terraces
  • On concrete, zinc and combined drains
  • On facades of buildings and storages
  • In case of a waterproofing of reservoirs and structures for water storage material allows to receive an impervious waterproofing membrane on a surface of structures from concrete and a brick
  • Walls of cellars and bases.


  • It is ready to application, simplicity of drawing
  • It is put by means of a brush or a spray
  • It is applied on fresh concrete or a damp surface
  • Has high adhesion to dry to wet surfaces
  • Provides a seamless, water and steamproof membrane
  • Steady against chemicals and salts containing in the soil
  • It is steady against freezing thawing cycles
  • Doesn't contain the solvent.


200 лт. barrel.

Material consumption:

Depending on type of a surface of 0,8 - 1,5 kg/sq.m.

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