FANCLASTIC construction set Robotology

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Описание товара: The price is specified in Euro."Robotology" construction set allows to build 5 original and 7 extra models minimum. Mechanic Irinsmart, traffic-controller Roller, pilot Andrewdroid, robotics professor Dr Quadrics and service man Transformer Zoom - these are the original models that can be improved, transformed and played with.

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Article: F1008
Age requirement: 6+
Difficulty level: 2
Original models: 5
Extra models: 7
Number of detailes: 115
Measures: 29.00 x 25.00 x 16.00 sm
Weight: 0.76 kg
Package quantity: 6 sets
Bar-code: 4670018130080

"Torgovyi dom "HIZ" Co. Ltd

Fanclastic is the Russian three-dimensional construction toy based on the original design and patented in many countries. Unlike other block construction toys, it has three types of the connection of the details. They allows you to build authentic, massive, strong models and complete them from any side. Fanclastic has almost unlimited opportunities to build models turning a creative process into a useful activity. It forms spatial thinking and aesthetic perception, develops fine motor skills, attention, patience and creativity. Also it is used at schools as a part of an edutainment activity. Super strong detail connection allows playing with models, drop them on the floor and move them in any direction. All Fanclastic construction sets are compatible with each other and have Lego-type adapters.

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