Composite Grid

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Цена ExW : ₽ 2,208 /Тонна 2,560/Тонна
Количество Минимального Заказа : 22 Тонна
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Price Negotiable.

Non-metallic rebar is a composite material made of a bundle of oriented fibers with a diameter of 8-20 um and a polymeric binder mostly epoxy resin and its modification.

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Цена, руб/карту*

Сетка 6/150/6*2

1 894,00

Сетка 6/200/6*2

1 398,00

Сетка 8/150/6*2

2 697,00

Сетка 8/200/6*2

2 006,00

Сетка 10/150/6*2

3 701,00

Сетка 10/200/6*2

2 766,00

  • Reduced costs of building structures due to technically valid recalculation of rebarsections, as well as savings on shipping, handling and installation works
  • Light weight along with high specific strength makes transportation easier, reduces weightof construction and pressure on its base
  • High resistance to aggressive environment, such as mechanical shock, moisture, chemicalsand extreme temperatures
  • Long service life due to lack of corrosion (not less than 80 years)
  • Ease of installation (does not require expensive welding, high workers&rsquo skills, no welding &ndashno need for fire safety conditions, thus no problem with destruction of the material in the seam)
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion is close to that of concrete, which allows to avoidcracking at temperature variations
  • Nonconducted, non-conductive and radiotransparent.
  • Light weight.
  • Ability to deliver not whips but in thecoils.


  • Reinforcement of foundations and floors in civil, industrial and special purposebuildings (transformation substation, gas distribution stations, water treatment andpumping stations, etc.), reinforced block foundations and reinforced concreteproducts, reinforced items made of laminated wood (beams, truss systems)
  • Structural reinforcement of slabs, pavement slabs, blocks and other concreteproducts
  • Manufacture of flexible couplings for layered brickwork, concrete panels of«sandwich» type and building blocks
  • Repair of damaged surfaces of concrete and brick structures
  • Manufacture of fittings for sewer piping and utility systems, sewerage, irrigation anddrainage, supporting constructions of power lines, pressure pipes and other articlesmade of concrete
  • Construction of marine and port facilities, as well as decking and fencing bridges,fortification slopes of embankments and pond banks
  • Construction of nuclear power plants

Reinforcement of asphalt and concrete roads.


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