Bulldozers Chetra T 35

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Описание: Price Negotiable Tractors are certified by TUV Rheinland InterCert for EC conformity; Tractors are equipped with Cummins engines which meet the most rigorous international emission standards applicable at present for special equipment (Tier 3/ Stage III, Stage III A); Aluminum monolithic radiators by AKG Germany; Use of air-to-air coolers and fuel coolers in the radiator unit has increased engine efficiency and reduced the level of harmful substances emission into the atmosphere; Additional fuel filters "Fleetguard" with functions of water separation and fuel heating. Transparent cover of these filters provides visualization of the filtering element’s service life indicator; Modern liquid heaters Eberspacher for engine

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Model YaMZ-850.10 QSK19-C525
Engine displacement, l. 25,9 19
Operating power, kW/h.p. 382/520 360/490
Torque, Nm (rpm) 2685 (1200-1400) 2407 (1300-1500)
Type Hydromechanical
Gearbox Planetary
1-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 4,4/5,4
2-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 7,9/9,7
3-st gear forward/reverse, km/h 13/15,7
Shift mechanism Electro-hydraulic
Torque converter Three element, one stage
Transformation ratio, Kо 2,64
Suspension Three-point, semi-rigid
No. of track rollers (each side), pcs. 7
No. of carrier rollers (each side), pcs. 2
Track type Assembled with single-grouser shoes
and a sealing for retention of liquid lubricant
in the hinge
Link pitch, mm 250
No. pf shoes (each side), pcs. 42
Grouser height, mm 90
Shoe width, mm 650
Base, mm 3525
Ground contact area, m2 4,61
Ground pressure, kgf/cm2 1,191
Hydraulic system
Type Remote cylinder
Pump Gear type, 3 nos.
Pump capacity, l/min (rpm) 500 (1900)
Distributor Spool type, 2 Nos.
Quantity of distributor sections -
Maximum pressure of relief valve action, MPa(kgf/cm2) 20 (200)
Type of hydraulic reservoir Welded, adapted for mechanical cleaning of inner surfaces
Hydraulic reservoir capacity, l -
Dozer equipment
Blade type U / SU
Blade length Ñ… height, mm 5064 Ñ… 2096 / 4670 Ñ… 2465
Blade capacity, m3 20,6/18,5
Lift above ground, mm 1470/1470
Drop below ground, mm 710/710
Maximum tilt adjustment, degrees, mm. ±15/±15
Blade weight, kg 9700/9890
Type Non-adjustable, multishank
No. of shanks, pcs. 1/3
Lift above ground, mm 1140/1050
Digging depth, mm 1540/900
Breakout force, T 49,4/48,2
Penetration force, T 18/19,1
Weight, kg 6169/7228
Dozer weight, kg 61360 60780
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