Single-row radial ball bearings

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Описание товара: Single-row radial ball bearings

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The reliability the producers trust!

For cars and agricultural machinery of the Russian and foreign brands the EPK enterprises let out the widest range of bearings in CIS: both ball and roller constructive groups.

 Roller bearings prevail in total volume of production. Under operating conditions on the Russian highways they considerably surpass ball bearings in durability. EPK is the unique producer in Russia possessing possibilities for production of the closed double-row roller bearings with conic rollers.

In the market of CIS countries EPK is a reliable and one of the main partners for such enterprises as: KAMAZ, AUTOVAZ, UAZ, GAZ, URALAZ, MAZ, LIAZ, Machinery & Industrial Group, MTZ, Rostselmash, Gomselmash. In Europe EPK is the official supplier of DAIMLER, BPW, ÐœOTORPAL. Besides the bearings for cars are produced at the plants of the corporation RENAULT, DAEWOO, CHEVROLET, HYUNDAI,  ISUZU, FIAT,  axes SAF, RABA and MАDARA, gear units ZF and for many other foreign cars and units. Bearings are established in naves of wheels and axles, in gearbox and distributing box, in reducing unit and steering, in engine power supply and cooling system.

Sale of bearings and repair sets for cars and agricultural machinery is carried out through a network of distributors engaged in sale in the region of consumption of the bearing and rendering service in complex closing of the shops' needs in spare parts. For car owners the EPK bearings on the secondary market are presented under the brand Volzhskiy Standart (VS) . Volzhskiy Standart  &mdash  the bearings not conceding in quality to the European and Japanese analogs, and on some parameters and surpassing them. The bearings (VS) have the guaranteed resource of mileage of 100 thousand km, meeting the requirements of installation and maintenance instructions. Also some time ago the EPK company adjusted release of repair sets under the brand LIMEX. And if earlier it was needed to gather a set of spare parts for bearing change in different places, now the procedure became considerably simpler. Now all necessary parts for repair of naves, half-axles or gearboxes are collected in one packing. The advantage of repair sets LIMEX is not only that the car owners are relieved of a waste of time on searches of necessary components and from possible mistakes at their choice, but also the guaranteed quality of all the parts of the repair set. Repair set includes bearings of production of EPK plants and the certificated purchased spare parts necessary for repair of bearing units of cars (greasing, cuffs, nuts, lock rings, laying, splint pins etc.). Recently on the market of Russia and CIS a large number of foreign brands appeared which hide the true origin declaring the products as produced in Germany, Japan, Slovakia etc., and actually made in China. There are cheap fakes, they are unreliable and are often simply life-threatening. There are foreign analogues the price of which can be unfairly high. Production of EPK is offered at the price optimum for such production and such level of quality. The good products don't happen too cheap but shouldn't be too expensive as well. Buying bearings by Volzhskiy Standart and repair kits by LIMEX from official distributors in original packing you exclude any possibility of purchase the product of bad quality and provide safety and comfort to yourself and the relatives.

Undoubtedly the spare parts chosen by the producer will be more suitable than others for your equipment.


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