Double-row self-aligning ball Bearings

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Описание товара: Price Negotiable. Activities:  \r\n\r\n The corporation enterprises produce rolling bearings of all design types with outer diameter of from 20 to 2200 mm. The Internal Design Office allows development and startup of new types of bearings including bearings identical by design type with foreign-made ones. \r\n \r\nEPK advantages: quality, wide product range, flexibility of customer service. \r\n \r\nDistribution of all the EPK plants products is performed by a united service-sales organization EPK Trade House Ltd., which has representative offices all aver Russia and abroad. \r\n \r\nSupply of products to large companies is performed by the EBC Trading House directly, which contributes to maintenance of contacts with the customers and quick and efficient responses to demands and expectations of every client. Aftermarket sales are performed through the network of authorized

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Double-row self-aligning ball Bearings


Тип бизнеса:
0000 год учреждения
Основные товары:
Bearings,Parts and Assemblies,Pre-delivery and post-delivery Service,Research and development activity.
Свыше 1000 человек
Build. 62, 13, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str., Moscow, 115088, Russia

Moscow, Москва,

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