Y-Packet R.1

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Описание: Y-Packet R1 is a current full ODU mircowave equipment. Y-Packet has been developed for an easy installation. This product is inter-operable with other units of the network, and can be easily integrated with third parties Network Management Systems.

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Краткие сведения
Частота 2;4;6;7;8;11;13;15;17;18;23;24;38
Емкость 1Gbps
Модульность 1024QAM

Подробное описание товара

The Y- Packet R1 is a compact and cost-effective solution for high-speed wireless Ethernet packet traffic in the frequency bands from 6 to 38 GHz at speeds up to 840 Mbit / s with a wide range of network services.
Key Features:

  • Full range ITU-R frequencies: 6&ndash38 GHz including un-licensed bands 17 and 24GHz
  • QPSK &ndash 1024QAM modulations with AMR
  • 1+0, 1+1HS and 2+0XPIC with Layer 1 Radio Traff Aggregation modes
  • Pure Packet operation with Layer 2 support
  • Electrical and optical (MM, SM) Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, even CWDM color SFP modules available
  • Up to 80 km fiber connection
  • Radio channel, interfaces, sub-network protection schemes
  • Flexible Synchronization support
  • Power supply over twisted pair (PoE) or dedicated cable (-48VDC)
  • Low CAPEX, equipment has high MTBF so low OPEX

Тип бизнеса:
1991 год учреждения
Основные товары:
Wireless telecommunication,Radar surveillance systems,Telecommunication node,Measurement equipment
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Северная Америка (5%)
Океания (80%)
Африка (2%)
Юго-Восточная Азия (5%)
Восточная Азия (5%)
Южная Европа (5%)
Западная Европа (3%)
Свыше 1000 человек
51D, Kirova avenue, Tomsk, 634041, Russia
2/5/4 Slavyanskaya sq., Moscow, 109074, Russia
Tomsk, Томск,

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