Security Surveillance System GUARD

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GUARD is a modern hi-tech Security Surveillance System. GUARD is a credible alternative to high cost manned guarding and provides a reliable, cost effective solution that delivers continuous automatic surveillance 24/7 within any weather conditions.

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Частота 9.3-9.5GHz
Тип интерфейса GBE optical;GBE electrical

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The Security Surveillance System GUARD finds, detects, tracks and identifies threats of different size. The target can be even a small object like a person in the water, a little fishing boat, helicopter or drone. By scanning beyond the perimeter (over 20 km2), it identifies intruders before they can center the site and cause any damage. It reduces the expenses on CCTV, security sensors, displays and service personal.

Up-to-date Solid-State TRM that is used in the GUARD Security Surveillance System allows to reduce costs against old-fashioned pulse radars with magnetron. The TRM life time is nearly 21000 hours, in 7 times more against magnetron life time!

GUARD&rsquos radar sensor doesn&rsquot have gaps (blindspots) instead of pulse radar. The blind zone is nearly 1 m and depends on the installation height.



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