Y-Packet 80

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Описание: Y-Packet 80 is a new in-house designed and manufactured E-Band equipment. It is a pure Layer 2 equipment. Inbuilt switch has all necessary functionality.  

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Краткие сведения
Частота 71-76/81-86GHz
Модульность QPSK;16QAM;BPSK
Тип интерфейса GBE optical;GBE electrical
Тип Full Out Door

Подробное описание товара

The high-performance Y-Packet 80 provides capacity and security for demanding network applications in E-band. Whether the need is for small-cell backhaul, metro-net¬work aggregation or any other E-band transport applica¬tion, ultra-high capacity Y-Packet 80 delivers a cost-effi¬cient, comprehensive solution.

Equipped with Micran&rsquos advanced modem technology, Y-Packet 80 ensures a high level of service, security and ultra-high capacity, even under extreme link conditions.

Y-Packet 80 offers future-proof connectivity with net¬works that require full-duplex, gigabit Ethernet. This solu¬tion scales to 2.5Gbps of capacity, making it ideal for ca¬pacity-demanding network applications, especially in growing and dynamic heterogeneous networks (Het¬Nets).



Тип бизнеса:
1991 год учреждения
Основные товары:
Wireless telecommunication,Radar surveillance systems,Telecommunication node,Measurement equipment
Основные рынки и дистрибуция:
Северная Америка (5%)
Океания (80%)
Африка (2%)
Юго-Восточная Азия (5%)
Восточная Азия (5%)
Южная Европа (5%)
Западная Европа (3%)
Свыше 1000 человек
51D, Kirova avenue, Tomsk, 634041, Russia
2/5/4 Slavyanskaya sq., Moscow, 109074, Russia
Tomsk, Томск,

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